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About our roses

Immortal Fleur roses are 100% real, luxury roses that are preserved. This delicate preservation process means that they can last more than a year with proper care.
The handcrafted rose arrangements, set inside Parisian-inspired hat box style displays, demonstrate all of the roses' natural beauty, without fading and wilting away.
The roses have an incredible, flawless appearance making

them perfect for all types of occasions. An ideal gift for anniversaries, weddings, proposals, Mother's Day, Birthdays and Valentine's Day, there isn't an occasion which wouldn't suit these opulent rose arrangements.

Are Immortal Fleur Roses Real?

Our roses are 100% real! They look great because we preserve them when they are in their most beautiful state.

How Are Immortal Fleur Roses Made?

Each rose begins life being carefully cultivated in an outdoor setting. After being cared for in natural sunlight, they are selected, graded and picked, ready to begin the preservation process.
In order to maintain the roses natural look, they go through a safe preservation process that protects them from wilting while letting their beauty and elegance shine through. This unique process means that the roses will maintain their

structure and look as fresh as the day they were picked.

How Do I care for my Immortal Fleur Roses?

You can find out how to care for your blooms on our Care Guide page.
Following our guidelines means that your roses can last as long as possible.

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