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April 13, 2022 7 min read

Ready to upgrade those supermarket bouquets of red roses for Mother’s Day? Does shopping this year have you stumped? Do you need ideas for more unique Mother’s Day gifts?

Luckily for you, we are in the business of giving gifts, and we’re here to help. We have rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas to share with you. Each one is as unique as the mother in your life. From custom art to immortal roses, we are positive that you’ll find something for her to love below.

Celebrate Mom with a Family Photo Shoot

Too often, moms don’t make it into photos of the kids or the family. Usually, moms are the ones behind the lens, taking the pictures.

And when Mom is the subject in only a handful of photos, there are even fewer chances of her liking the photos where she appears. Maybe she’s covered in baby spit. Maybe she’s in a ragged robe. For whatever reason, she might not want those photos displayed on the living room wall.

Moms are present for so many of our life moments. It’s important that they’re in the photos, too.

Turn things around for Mom this year and give her the gift of a professional family photo shoot - with her in the frame.

Family portraits with starched shirts and rigid poses are long gone. Family photos today are all about having fun, being comfortable, and showing your family in its best light.

Book a lifestyle photographer to meet you at your favorite park. You can relax on a picnic blanket and play with your kids while the photographer snaps pictures of the action. Or, bring a photographer into your home for a lifestyle shoot. They will capture those golden moments of home life - without you ever having to leave.

There is a photo shoot to fit every family - just make sure that Mom is in front of the camera for this one.

Bonus tip: if you really want to spoil Mom this Mother’s Day, you can book her a hair and makeup appointment before the family photo shoot. This is a fantastic way to help even the most camera-shy Mom feel great in front of the lens.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a grandmother or mother-in-law? You can use this same idea for her, too!

Give a Fun Twist on Red Roses This Mother’s Day

Skip the routine this year of last-minute supermarket roses. It’s time to upgrade your flower game! From real roses that won’t fade to countertop herb gardens, here are some of our favorite twists on the tradition:

  • Preserved roses
    • These are a great way to prolong the joy of a classic gift. Red roses for Mother’s Day are a staple for most of us, but the blooms fade quickly and die.
    • Instead of giving a temporary bouquet, you can give someone preserved flowers that will last all year. Blooms will even look gorgeous through next year’s Mother’s Day (but that doesn’t mean you can skip buying a gift next year!)
    • These styled arrangements are still made from real flowers. However, they do not require any of the care of traditional blooms. Your recipient can enjoy the blooms of real roses all year long with no watering needed.
    • Preserved rose boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors. With shipping available, they are also a great Mother’s Day gift for a grandmother or mother-in-law.
  • Dwarf fruit trees
    • If it feels like fig trees are everywhere in stores and home decor magazines right now, you’re not alone. Fig trees have grown in popularity with the rise of the indoor plant craze.
    • It’s hard to go wrong with this timeless classic. But, if you want to try something new, you can shake things up with a dwarf lime or lemon tree. These tiny trees look gorgeous and are perfect for indoors. Here is a gift that is sure to become a conversation topic for guests.
    • Bonus: you’re giving a gift that will literally bear fruit once matured. Not many people can say that!
  • Indoor garden kit
    • This is a fun gift for the mom who loves to cook. An indoor garden kit gives her a hassle-free array of cooking ingredients that she can grow right in her kitchen.
    • Home gardens grow anything from classic herbs to small produce. Pluck fresh basil from the countertop and toss it into a meal. Turn the lettuce from another kit into a side salad. Grow cherry tomatoes in the kitchen window.
    • The indoor garden kit is also a great Mother’s Day gift idea for the mom who doesn’t have a lot of backyard space for a garden. This present will be a big help in the winter months, providing fresh greens when it is otherwise too cold to grow outdoors.

Bring Her Favorite Cafe to Her with a Home Coffee Bar

Like a lot of the ideas on our list, this is one that can be customized for just about every mom in your life.

Shopping for a mom who has a favorite Starbucks order? Boost her home brews with some specialty syrups. Does she prefer a strong coffee to get through the day? A French press will deliver that smooth, hefty kick. Does she already love her current setup? Upgrade her experience with artisan beans from a local shop.

There are a lot of different ways to give this gift. You can pull one item from the list and use that. Or, you can put together a few different gifts and deliver the whole coffee bar experience.

This also makes a great Mother’s Day gift from your kids. Older children can help you choose different pieces of the overall setup. For younger kids, you can do the choosing - and they can help wrap and give the presents.

Depending on her favorites, you can include:

  • Coffee beans (whole or ground) from a local shop
  • French press
  • Electric coffee grinder
  • Milk frother
  • Specialty syrups
  • Mother’s Day coffee mugs

Give a Creative Mother’s Day Gift with Custom Artwork

Looking for a unique way to give a colorful gift? Try giving a custom watercolor or piece of art this Mother’s Day.

A custom portrait is definitely one of the more creative ways to commemorate motherhood. Each piece is the only one of its kind. You are giving someone actual art for their home. You can order a larger print to hang on a wall or a smaller size that is perfect for a nightstand or desk. Include Mom within the portrait, or give her a piece that features only the kids.

Plus, you can order custom portraits for just about every mom in your life. Give a maternity portrait to a mom-to-be. A watercolor painting of the whole family is perfect for a veteran mom. A portrait of their grandchildren is sure to be a beloved Mother’s Day gift for a grandmother.

Glam Up Her Hydration with Personalized Tumblers

Personalized tumblers or insulated travel mugs are fantastic Mother’s Day gifts for the mom who is always on the go (and which mom isn’t?) She can take one from home to her car, to work and recitals, and more. Wherever she goes, she will be hydrated, caffeinated, and stylish.

These mugs come in any kind of design to suit any kind of mom. Add team logos for the sports fan. Personalize a tumbler with inspiring words for a proud nurse. Keep the design muted for the minimalist mom, or glam it up for the cheer mom.

You can find premade tumblers and mugs at craft stores and a number of other major retailers.

For personalized gifts, check out Etsy sellers and local crafters to create a design that is as unique as the mom in your life.

Keep It Sentimental - But Simple - With a Birth Flower Necklace

We’re all about preserved roses here at Immortal Fleur, so we love seeing new ways to use immortal blooms (even the metal kind.)

A stackable birth flower necklace is a fantastic gift idea from the kids. It is simple enough to wear every day and keeps loved ones close to a mother’s heart. You can find these necklaces everywhere from Etsy to local jewelers. They come in a few different colors that will match any taste.

If you need a reminder on each month’s birth flower:

  • January - carnation
  • February - violet
  • March - cherry blossom
  • April - daisy
  • May - lily
  • June - rose
  • July - lotus
  • August - poppy
  • September - peony
  • October - marigold
  • November - chrysanthemum
  • December - holly

Give Her a Mother’s Day Gift That’s Unique, Helpful, and Lasts

For the mom who has everything, you can always give her a monthly cleaning service, a meal delivery service, or anything else that will take work off of her plate.

This one might not come in a pretty package. But, it’s certainly one that she’ll appreciate long after Mother’s Day has passed. Moms are busy people. A cleaning or meal delivery service helps to free up a mom’s time so that she can spend it on something she enjoys.

There are services available for almost every kind of chore, so you’re bound to find something that will help a mom’s day. Is she always cleaning up pet hair or kids’ toys from the floor? Book a cleaning service every week. Does she hate grocery shopping and meal planning? Give her a subscription to a meal kit like Blue Apron. Everything needed to make a meal will arrive on her doorstep.

If you also want to give her a physical gift to open, you can pair this present with one of the other gift ideas on this list.

We hope that this list helped you find fun and creative Mother’s Day gifts this year! Bookmark our page for more tips on how to give presents that someone will remember.

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