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May 03, 2022 8 min read

Roses are one of the most beloved and recognized flowers on the planet. A bouquet of roses is a classic gift for holidays, anniversaries, and just to say “I love you.”

And now, there is a new way to give the joy of roses!

We're talking about preserved roses in a box.

Also known as eternal or forever roses, these arrangements allow recipients to enjoy the benefits of roses for years. They require no water or sunlight, making them a versatile option for anyone in your life.

Preserved roses are real roses without the hassle, upkeep, and short life of a traditional arrangement.

If you are new to the scene and don't know about this latest trend, don't worry! We are here to explain what preserved roses are (and why you need them.)

Everything You Need to Know About Forever Roses

What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are real roses that last up to two years without fading or wilting.


A careful preservation process helps each flower look as pristine as the day that it was picked. Bouquets display the look, feel, and appeal of live roses without any watering or sunlight required.

Eternal flowers usually come in some kind of display case due to their fragile nature (they are still real flowers, after all.)

At Immortal Fleur, our preserved roses come in a box that mimics the sleek sophistication of the Parisian hatbox. Not only does this protect the flowers, but it creates a stunning visual display for the bouquet.

Forever roses are the perfect gift idea for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, celebrations, and more. They even provide eye-catching visuals for home decor.

With preserved roses, you can enjoy the experience of rose bouquets without fading!

What is the history of roses? Why do they symbolize love?

Roses have actually been one of the most well-known and admired flowers throughout the ages. Since as far back as ancient Greek and Roman times, civilizations have equated roses with love, beauty, luxury, and important celebrations.

The red rose of Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, the red rose was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.

Aphrodite's lover, Adonis, was hunting in the woods one day when a wild boar approached. This boar was actually the god of war, Ares, in disguise. Ares was Aphrodite's ex-lover, and he was extremely jealous of the mortal Adonis. The disguised Ares attacked Adonis in the woods and fatally wounded the mortal hunter.

As Aphrodite ran to her dying lover, she scratched her ankle on the thorns of a white rose. Her blood turned the petals red, and thus red roses were created.

Rose symbolism in ancient Rome

For ancient Romans, roses were also the flower of their own goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

According to Roman mythology, Cupid offered a rose to the god of silence, Harpocrates, in an attempt to conceal Venus' romantic liaisons.

As a result, Romans developed the term “sub rosa” (literally meaning ‘under the rose') to reference anything said in confidence or secrecy. Romans even painted roses on the ceilings of their dining halls. The paintings reminded guests that words spoken at the table were to remain confidential.

Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and the romantic rose

Roses have a history in ancient Egypt as well. Cleopatra is rumored to have filled her chambers with rose petals to influence her lover and exhibit her immense wealth.

Since roses were such a revered flower, showering her rooms in the luxurious petals was a fantastic way for Cleopatra to exhibit her wealth and power.

Cleopatra is also said to have covered her chambers in the romantic flower so that her lover, Mark Antony, would associate roses with her. Whenever he smelled or saw a rose while away, Antony would think of his lover back in Egypt.

Immortal Fleur Roses
What does each rose color symbolize?

Did you know that each rose color has its own meaning? Floriography is the actual name for the symbolism and language of flowers.

Throughout history, people were able to use certain colors of roses to convey hidden messages. Victorians were especially fond of floriography. People could send any combination of flowers in a bouquet to convey subtle messages and feelings to one another.

Here are some of the traditional rose colors and their meanings:
  • Red roses symbolize love, beauty, and fertility
    • Red roses without thorns also represent love at first sight
  • Pink roses represent appreciation or gratitude
    • Medium pink roses also symbolize femininity and elegance
    • Light pink roses also represent innocence, grace, and joy
  • White roses symbolize purity and innocence
    • Some also believe that it represents new love
  • Yellow roses represent friendship, happiness, or joy
Are preserved roses real flowers?

Yes! Preserved roses are real roses.

They undergo a natural preservation process to maintain their best qualities.

Preserved flowers will appear as vibrant and soft as any live bouquet, without the upkeep required for traditional stems.

But, because preserved roses are real flowers, they are still fragile like real flowers.

That is why we carefully arrange our forever roses in boxes that mimic the classic, Parisian-inspired hatbox. The display gives you a stylish way to enjoy the look of actual roses without worrying about damaging them.

What is the difference between preserved and dried flowers?

Dried flowers and preserved flowers go through different processes to achieve their final results.

The biggest difference between dried and preserved roses?

Dried roses lose their moisture, and preserved roses maintain theirs.

Preserved roses undergo a process that locks in each flower's natural moisture. This allows the rose petals to maintain their soft, smooth texture. It also helps to maintain the color.

Dried roses are usually hung upside-down in a ventilated, dark space until the moisture is drained from the flower (hence the name “dried rose.”) The drying process wrinkles the petals and removes some of the original color. The resulting flower almost feels like paper and has an aged quality to it.

Whereas drying flowers can be done in your closet or pantry, preserving roses is a more precise method of maintaining blooms.

Preserving roses requires a detailed process and specific equipment. Even the first stages involve careful selection of each bloom to make sure that it is the best quality for preservation.

Both dried and preserved flowers are beautiful in their own right. Choosing between the two largely comes down to a personal choice between a rustic look with dried flowers or the luxurious feel of a preserved bouquet.

How long do preserved roses last? Are they worth it?

Whereas a live bouquet of roses will last up to one week with proper care, preserved roses last 1 to 2 years.

Looking at a timeline of live vs. preserved bouquets:

  • Preserved roses last 12-24 months (or 1-2 years)
  • Traditional rose bouquets last up to 7 days (or one week)
  • Eternal roses last an average of 52-102 times longer than the average live bouquet

So, you can reason that buying one preserved rose arrangement will last you (or your recipient) as long as buying one bouquet of live roses every week for almost two years.

That is money saved and joy received!

Do immortal roses smell good?

We do not add any artificial scent to the flowers, so any fragrance that is present in Immortal Fleur roses is from the natural preservation process.

If you enjoy a particularly strong rose fragrance, try placing rose diffusers near your arrangements! This heightens the fragrance and replicates the appeal of a live bouquet.

How do you care for preserved roses in a box?

You care for your preserved roses by doing very little!

Part of why we love preserved roses so much is that you receive the joy and benefits of a rose bouquet without the hassle.

Eternal roses do not require any water or sunlight, which allows you to set them anywhere in your home or office. They only need occasional dusting which can easily be done with a blowdryer on the cool setting.

You can find more details on caring for your Immortal Fleur roses on our product care page.

Can I take them out of their box?

We are sorry, but no. Preserved roses are real flowers, so they are still fragile. They are meant to stay in their presentation box.

Our preserved roses are displayed in a beautiful box that allows them to brighten up a space while still remaining protected. Removing them from their box can damage the delicate petals and disrupt their preserved qualities.

Luckily, we put a lot of care into arranging them in classic, elegant displays! We want you to be able to enjoy immortal roses in a stylish setting.

Immortal Fleur Roses
Why are they the perfect bouquet?

Preserved roses in a box are the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion or person in your life. Here are some reasons why you need eternal roses for your next bouquet!

They are a creative twist on a classic bouquet

Roses are a classic, timeless gift for a reason! But, why not give an old gift some new life?

Preserved roses are a fantastic option if you enjoy giving roses but want to do something new and unexpected.

They make the perfect gift for someone who already has everything

We all have that one person who is impossible to shop for because they already have everything.

But, even the person who has everything probably doesn't have eternal roses.

A box of preserved roses can be used in any number of ways, which is why it is the perfect gift for everyone.

Your recipient can display their forever roses on a coffee table or fireplace mantel. Or, the bouquet can liven up an office desk. They can also be used as general home decor, or as a focal point for a table setting.

There are no limits on how forever roses can be enjoyed. And even the hardest person to shop for will love them.

Eternal roses are great for:

  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Home decor
  • And more!
Preserved roses last years longer than traditional live bouquets

We already mentioned above that preserved roses last up to two years - but we think that it is a point worth mentioning again!

Immortal Fleur started when our founders wanted better ways to give their spouses bouquets of roses. Their wives loved receiving the fresh blooms, but the flowers always faded and died within a week.

So, the founders set off to find a new way to give roses that would last. And thus, Immortal Fleur was born.

Our preserved roses are real roses that last up to two years. A typical bouquet of live roses will only last one week.

Eternal roses are a perfect way to give the benefits and joy of roses without wilting.

You can tell someone that you love them (no matter where they are)

Since forever roses can easily be shipped, they are a great long-distance gift idea.

Each bouquet arrives in a gorgeous display box with a lovely black ribbon. With free standard shipping and 2-7 day delivery at Immortal Fleur, we make sure that your recipient has a wonderful gifting experience.

Whether someone lives 50 or 500 miles away, preserved roses are a wonderful way to send your love.

We hope that this helped answer some of your questions about preserved roses!

If you know someone who would appreciate this truly thoughtful and creative bouquet, check out our best-selling arrangements.

Need a unique Mother's Day gift idea? Take a look at our top picks this year!

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